4 Plumbing Tips for Summer

As Florida transitions to summer, it’s time to gear up for relaxing days at the beach, gatherings with friends, and warm weather. There is much to enjoy as the season changes, but also risks to consider to protect your plumbing systems. Our hope is that these tips will prepare you to stay on top of any plumbing issues the summer may bring.


1.) Consider a Water Softener

If you don’t have water softeners here in Jacksonville, Florida it’s only a matter of time before your pipes and plumbing system experience scaling. Scaling is when buildup from minerals form within a pipe making the passage smaller, decreasing the water flow and pressure. This is because Florida’s water is “hard” meaning it has a high mineral count composed of calcium, magnesium and iron. By installing a water softener you can help remove the minerals and enable your pipes to function properly.


2.) Inspect for Leaks

Summer means more visitors and traffic within your home putting a strain on your plumbing system. There is also stress that comes with hose usage, filling pools, and running sprinklers. If you notice any signs of clogs or leaks be sure to get assistance to avoid damage to your property.



3.) Clear Your Gutters

Cleaning your gutter has much more benefits beyond it looking more presentable. This task is significant because by having clean gutters it allows water to drain properly and move the water away from your home’s foundation. It might not be the most exciting summer activity, but taking the time to clear the debris is a preventative measure that will be worth the effort long term.



4.) Locate Your Water Main Valve

It is important to know the location of your water main shut-off. A plumbing emergency can happen to anyone, but excessive damage can be prevented by acting quick. The shut off valve can be in a number of locations, some common spots being in a utility closet, basement, yard near the water main, or a garage. For precautionary reasons, many homeowners also choose to turn the valve off before a summer vacation to avoid damage from unexpected plumbing issues.



Enjoy your summer by staying ahead of potential problems. Inspect your plumbing systems and be sure to fix issues that you can in a timely manner. For all other plumbing needs, the Harry Hayes Plumbing professionals are there when you need them most.

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